The herd

Females coming in for health checks

Core breeding principles

We are keen on growing and developing our herd of white huacayas. We are looking for integrity in the fleece - consistency and as high yielding as possible. It should be true to colour. Most importantly, the alpaca should have good conformation, sound temperament, robust constitution, and strong frame.

The stud males need to be strong, confident, and have upright posture, and be of good temperament, traits that we expressly prefer for his progeny. They should be AAA certified and possess the qualities of fleece we desire in order to keep improving our herd.

Females should also be strong, confident, upright with good temperaments, and also be good mothers.  Most are naturally great mothers as they are hard-wired for maternity. We aim for trouble free pregnancies, birthing, and nursing. Our crias are weaned by their dams except where it is necessary to separate on account of the dam's condition. Generally, this has only been an issue when a young male matures rapidly and needs to be separated from the females. Our breeding preferences and husbandry practices aim at developing a herd that is low maintenance in our subtropical environment. We a minimalistic in our approach to medications to encourage our herd to develop natural resistance to health threats in our environment.

We do not enable alpacas with unwanted traits to breed and proliferate unwanted traits in our herd.  Our pillar objective is to produce a robust herd that will survive in our subtropical environment under low maintenance conditions. This is a business decision that supports our forward direction.

Fundamentally, we are deliberately incorporating unique genes with the old favourites. We are seeking diversity and longevity for our alpacas.

Why alpacas?

Because we believe in them! It is adaptable, alert, and versatile. Not only do they provide fantastic fleece but they are excellent guards, protecting our poultry and each other. They are delightful, easy going animals and with sound husbandry principles, should be reasonably easy to farm. They are far more gentle than the bovines, sheep or goats.