Alpaca Sculpture

alpaca sculpture by Steve Weiss

I said to Steve Weiss, our resident artist and blacksmith, "Can you make me a piece for the front gate? I want it to express who we are and our passion for alpacas! Take your time, I'm in no hurry because I'm happy to wait for your inspiration.".

A few months later we ran into Steve at the local shop and he told me he had his inspiration and did I have any pictures that he could look at. Steve had never seen an alpaca up close in real life. I happened to have an alpaca magazine with me on that day and handed it to him to take home.

A few weeks after that meeting, we ran into Steve again at the local shop and he announced that he had made a start on the piece and invited us to go down to his amazing open air gallery to have a look at it. We were busy that day so didn't make it there for a few days. As we walked part way down Steve's driveway, I was stopped in my tracks. There standing in his workshop was this stunning alpaca, meticulously carved out of a large piece of steel plate. I was struck with awe at the beauty of this piece that said everything I wanted to express in a simple shape. Better still, Steve, from an engineering perspective added a cria to physically balance the piece. But it told the whole story in this beautiful piece of art and captured the spirit of a dam and her cria.

I told Steve that he had achieved the spirit and marvelled how he was able to come up with the design. To further enhance the story, Steve channelled the Peru Incas and painted it gold.

Heartfelt thanks for all their help and enthusiasm to Steve & Janka Weiss, Steve & Fiona Henley, Josh Hartmann, Michael & Sandra Tyshing and of course their amazing daughters.