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Our creed

We are committed to upholding the integrity of this amazing animal and its fleece. We believe in the alpaca and its future!

The alpaca is an intelligent camelid and is here to stay in the rural landscape. Alpacas have been embraced in Australia and there is good reason to be optimistic about its viability as commercial stock in mainstream and hobby production. Their fleece is as good as any, compares favourably with any other fibre in softness and robustness. Most importantly, this friendly animal is soft on the land and gentle in the environment. They are sustainable and truly offer infinite, untapped opportunity in fibre, fleece, meat, and as domestic pets.

Our herd is small and we are interested in fleece and all its good attributes. Every fleece is valuable to us because every fleece can be used; from fine, baby clothes to fashionable apparel. Its robust yet soft qualities are well used in carpet and insulation. This is a truly versatile fibre with infinite opportunities.

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